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Anxiety and its effects on Relationships

Anxiety is a state of constant and extreme worry about something over a long period. A person who is suffering from anxiety will show some clear signs e.g. panic attacks, overwhelming fear, and being under high levels of stress.

Several issues can contribute to these worries, such as financial concerns, work-related stress, and family obligations. Anxiety not only affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally but also has a negative impact on relationships.

It is estimated that every year, approximately 6.8 million people suffer from anxiety disorders and this ratio is quite higher in women as compared to men.

Factors that cause Anxiety:

Although anxiety can't be exactly pinpointed, some factors that can contribute to its development include:

  • Family history of anxiety

  • An extended or recent period of stress

  • Excessive consumption of caffeine or tobacco use

  • Childhood trauma and many more.

Effects on relationships:

It is important to understand that anxiety can affect your relationships in different ways. If your relationship is becoming a burden for you, anxiety may be having an impact. Now we will discuss how anxiety ruins relationships with others.

Overly dependent:

When anxiety strikes, people tend to become dependent on the people close to them. They become overly sensitive to the point that they doubt their own decisions and ultimately depend on others for reassurance.

People with symptoms of anxiety crave closeness to their friends, family, or partner and become extra worried when they don’t get an instant response on the phone or messaging. Through overthinking and false self-made scenarios, you may end up ruining relationships.

Relationship avoidance and Social isolation:

More often, people with anxiety stop socializing and start to hide their emotions and feelings. As a way to avoid negative feelings, they withdraw from relationships. It becomes very difficult for them to open up and talk about what they are feeling.

As a result, people start to analyze them as cold-hearted, emotionally detached, and selfish. If you are also suffering from this phase, try to relax and make meaningful steps. Let your partner know how you are feeling and be honest. This could make your life easier and help you to feel more light and at peace.

Breakdown of Connection and Trust:

A relationship is based upon trust. Without this factor, a relationship is just like a body without a soul. Anxiety can become the source of breakdown of connection and trust. It can ruin relationships as you aren’t capable of giving your best to your partner because you’re mentally absent or overthinking, both, symptoms of anxiety.


Anxiety leads you to behave selfishly as it is a fear response in which a person is overactive and automatically focusing on his/her worries and fears. These fears and problems become the source of unnecessary pressure that compels anyone to behave selfishly. This behavior may be contagious for your relationship, this is very important to keep under control.

Robber of Joy:

Anxiety doesn’t let you enjoy your happiness as an anxious person either feels fearful or limited and may struggle with enjoyment. Sense of humor makes us able to overcome anxiety. Try to be humorous, laugh, smile, talk with someone about how you are feeling, as these are ways to help return to the feelings of joy.

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